We are a small, powerful team that help you innovate your business

It started with a simple thought by our founder.  We have more than enough data, too much information, plentiful analytical reports and expert opinions.   But we are short of a way to synthesize them into insights to answer SO WHAT and NOW WHAT to disrupt the markets profitably.

With many years of academic research, professional experience and thought leaders opinions, Clairvoyant Lab has developed a proprietary suite of Senses™ approach to help companies innovate their business to drive profitability and productivity.

  • SketchSense™ Innovation Workshop and Training
  • DigiSense™ Digital Marketing Guides and Templates
  • StratSense™ Strategy Design and Simulation Workshop
  • MeasureSense™ Metrics and Measurement Strategy
  • AnalyticsSense™ Analytics Consultation and Service
  • ChangeSense™ Change Management

Companies We’ve Worked With

We’ve helped both private and public sectors in Asia to innovate their organizations to drive their business objectives and these are just a few of them

Our Latest Work

We have worked with clients from all sectors, we’re able to offer an even more tailored set of services specific to each sector – and industry’s – needs.


Overall, we were rather impressed with Clairvoyant Lab, both in their professionalism and their understanding of what we needed.- Organiser, National Library Board
Fantastic. So simple to understand and implement in my organization. Highly recommended.- Jenny, participant at the Innovation Workshop
Clairvoyant Lab really understands the digital eCommerce space and able to contribute to our bottom line using their MeasureSense and AnalyticsSense approach. We will continue to engage them in the future.- Owner, eCommerce business


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Here at Clairvoyant Lab, we believed in keeping up with the latest happenings and thinking in the area of innovation, strategy, digital marketing, analytics and change management. We’ve curated a list of latest thinking and articles for you to always keep up to date with the latest thinking.